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At The Table with David - Vol. 2

July 23, 2020 - Vol. 2

We love to cook!  

What's even better is sharing what we prepare with family and friends.  Gathering together to laugh, catch up and savor food and drinks.  In today's world dining together isn't possible so we are sharing our favorite family recipes here with you.
Seen below with my sister, Dindy.  Mom loved to dress us in matching Florence Eiseman outfits.


Summer is a great time for chicken salad served atop a bed of greens or on crusty whole grain bread.  

Here's our take - we hope you enjoy!


Dindy's Chicken Salad Two Ways

(And the possibility of Soup)

Click here for print version of recipe.


Two very plump chicken breasts and one chicken thigh*

2 cups Chicken Broth (any kind you prefer) and 2 cups Fresh Water

1 Stalk of Celery – diced

1 Teaspoon Fresh Dill – cleaned, dried and finely chopped - no stems (dried Dill will do in a pinch)

½ of a Granny Smith Apple – diced (or apple of your preference)

¼ of a red onion – diced

Half cup of seedless red grapes – diced

¼ cup of chopped Pecans

Tablespoon of raisins (optional).

1 cup Mayonnaise (add more or less to taste)

Salt & Pepper to Taste.

Serves 4

Classic Preparation

Poach the Chicken in a mixture of half chicken broth and half water and allow to chill

In a large mixing bowl place diced celery, apple, red onion and pecans.

Once chicken has thoroughly cooled, cut into bite sized pieces and add to ingredients already in mixing bowl.

Add Mayonnaise and combine well 

Stir in dill, raisins, grapes and add salt and pepper to taste.

Curried Preparation

Our family likes both Classic and Curried Chicken Salad, so we make the Classic and separate it into two pretty bowls.  

Cover and refrigerate one bowl immediately.  

To Curry it Up we add Curry Powder one teaspoon at a time based on preferred taste – take your time here as Curry is spicy if over-used.  The Chicken Salad takes on a beautiful golden hue from the Curry and a delicious alternative to perk up your palate.  

Cover and refrigerate.


Make your life easy and buy a fully cooked rotisserie chicken.  

Separate the bones and skin along with the wings, thighs and legs.  

Put aside or freeze as this is the basis for perfect homemade chicken soup.

*Cut up breast meat into bite size pieces for the chicken salad.

Homemade Chicken Soup Our Way

Use a slow cooker and toss in the bones, skin and meat saved from the rotisserie chicken.  

Add celery, carrots, an onion, turnip, parsnip, some earthy mushrooms, dill, salt and pepper and a little thyme.  

Cover with water and add a huge tablespoon of Better Than Bouillon – Chicken Stock Flavor (available in jars in the soup aisle next to the bouillon cubes). And cook for 7 hours – adding water if it cooks down too far.  

Toss out the bones and skin.  Strain the broth through cheesecloth to eliminate as much fat as possible.  Toss out turnip, parsnip and onion unless you enjoy eating them.  Remove dill.  

Always fun to add some rice or noodles that have been prepared separately if that’s your jam.


 Each edition of At The Table with David will include a recipe, a short story or musings, some inspiring photos and a few things we love that make cooking and entertaining at home beautiful and simple.  

If you have a recipe or hack that you would like to share, email us at 

Things we love... 


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