Upcycling 101

Recognized as Cambridge Dictionary's 2019 word of the year, Upcycling is defined as "the activity of making new furniture, objects, etc. out of old or used things or waste material.

In other words, Upcycling is about turning the otherwise unloved into something useful, beautiful and creative.  A way to give heirlooms new life and bring joy to a new generation. In our words, Upcycling vintage scarves into protective masks supports our mission of Safety First, Sustainably Sourced and Style Always.

Upcycling has numerous benefits including:

  • Environmental & Economical: Through Upcycling you stop one more thing going to landfill, and you contribute to shrinking the environmental footprint by not purchasing something new that impacts the world through the processes of manufacturing, packaging and transporting.
  • Individuality: Upcycled pieces are often one of a kind. What better way to assert your individuality by creating and wearing something that no one else has?  
  • Psychological: The therapeutic benefits of the actual crafting process and doing well by doing good are well-documented.  It’s very relaxing to use the right hemisphere of your brain for a change by indulging in a creative task instead of further overworking the left side of the brain associated with logic, science and mathematics.