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At the Table with David | Volume 3 | Chocolate Chip Cookies

Growing up in New York, chocolate chip cookies came from one place only - William Greenberg Desserts.  The iconic red and white awning has shone brightly on Madison Avenue since the mid-1940s (we didn't venture there until the early 1960s as wee toddlers).  Every holiday, every occasion and most certainly every hostess gift (we never arrive empty-handed in our family) was a white box, tied with red ribbon and filled to the very top with these delicious chocolate chip cookies - small and crunchy - they were the bomb.  Greenberg's is still there today in case you are on upper Madison Avenue anytime soon.

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At The Table with David - Vol. 2

We love to cook!  What's even better is sharing what we prepare with family and friends.  Gathering together to laugh, catch up and savor food and drinks.  In today's world dining together isn't possible so we are sharing our favorite family recipes here with you.  Summer is a great time for chicken salad served atop a bed of greens or on crusty whole grain bread.  Here's our take - we hope you enjoy!

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At the Table With David - Volume I

Each edition of At The Table with David will include a recipe, a short story or musings, some inspiring photos and a few things we love that make cooking and entertaining at home beautiful and simple.  At the Table with David is sponsored by and contains the memories and recipes from our founder and CEO, David Altman, his family and friends.

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From Father to Daughter and Now to You

From father to daughter to you...cherished heirlooms given new life while visions of sugarplums dance in our heads.  Okay not visions of sugarplums, that’s for the winter holiday season.  Visions of pink silky prettiness cavorting in our heads...

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